About Us

What we sell

We have made it our mission to develop, curate and distribute cell-free synthetic biology tools. This includes our state-of-the-art cell-free protein expression system as well as plasmids, reagents and hardware to help you take your research to the next level.

We want to give you full control over your experiments. If your lab needs to carry out cell-free protein synthesis, you have the option to purchase our pre-made quality controlled and highly optimized system or, alternatively, we would be happy to provide you with low-cost components that allow you to make homemade systems with minimal start-up costs.

We are just getting started. If you there is something else you would like to see here, please let us know.

Who we are

Synthetic biology is our craft. Cell-free biology is our passion.

Dr. Keith Pardee
BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr. Pardee is an assistant professor at University of Toronto's Faculty of Pharmacy and a Canada Research Chair in Synthetic biology.

Dr. Alexander Klenov
BSc, PhD

Not only is Dr. Klenov a superstar molecular biologist, he is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to building hardware.

Aidan Tinafar
BComm, JD, MSc

Aidan did his graduate degree at Dr. Pardee's lab focusing on cell-free protein expression. During this time, Aidan got to work with a wide range of commercial cell-free systems. Not being satisfied with these systems, he is now helping the team develop the best cell-free system available on the market.

Our mission

Synthetic biology is going through a revolution, owing to the sustained and rapid drop in the cost of sequencing and DNA synthesis. In spite of this, easy access to tried and tested tools in the field remains an elusive goal. We are here to curate, design and test modern tools to power your research.

We have made it our mission to develop and distribute the best commercially available cell-free protein expression system on the market, and to empower the synbio community to develop and optimize their own in-house cell-free platforms.

Our values

  • Design: We are relentless about paying attention to details, and we take pride in our craft. Whether it’s a simple expression plasmid or a complex piece of machinery, we aim for minimalism, aesthetics and functionality in every conceivable dimension.
  • Quality Control: We test, test and then test again. We check our input materials, assess manufacturing processes and run assays before shipping products to you.
  • Service: We are here to serve. If there is anything we can do to make your life easier, we are here to go the extra mile.