Protein Expression Services

Guaranteed bacterial protein expression services

We now offer protein expression services using our bacterial cell-free reagents and our proprietary reaction scale-up technology. Our current cell-free system is ideal for rapid synthesis and purification of proteins that can be expressed in the E. coli cytosol. The system is capable of making high-microgram to low-milligram quantities of purified proteins. At this time, we will only express and purify poly-histidine tagged proteins. 

"Liberum provided milligrams of purified protein at a speed its competitors ... could not match.  Each of these proteins Liberum shared were a therapeutic candidate & helped ... generate a data package 2 months faster than we could have otherwise. These savings compound and we will continue to leverage this service in the future to save ~6 months of a FTE's time over the next 18 months."


$350 + $0.30 USD per residue for each construct (includes cost of DNA synthesis)


Shipping Fees


Dry ice shipment via DHL

  • US and Canada: $149.99 USD
  • Europe: $249.99 USD (Ships on Mondays. Customer is responsible for customs clearance.)

While we make every effort to ensure a smooth delivery and also provide plenty of dry ice, we do not take responsibility for any shipping or customs delays when Standard shipping is used.


Dry ice shipping via a specialized partner. Includes temperature monitoring throughout.

  • US and Canada: $1500 USD
  • Europe: $2500 USD

We will take on the risk of any shipment or customs delays when Secure shipping option is used.



  1. Purified proteins for each reaction (default would be in imidazole buffer: 250 mM NaCl, 250 mM imidazole, 5% glycerol, 50 mM HEPES [pH adjusted based on protein pI])
  2. BCA yield estimates for each target (BSA is used as standard unless you provide another standard)
  3. SDS-PAGE gel of purified construct
  4. Purity estimates using densitometric analysis
Expected *Guaranteed
Yield 100-1000 μg + 100 μg
Purity 90% + 75%

*Membrane proteins and those requiring post-translational modifications such as disulfide bonds are currently not supported and do not fall under our guarantee. If your protein requires a co-factor for expression, timelines and pricing may be affected. The guarantee only applies to natural proteins and single amino acid mutations made to them - we do not guarantee solubility of in silico designs.


Added Services

Buffer Exchange:

  • Crude (14kDa+): $29.99 USD/sample [standard buffer is 250 mM NaCl, 5% glycerol, 50 mM HEPES (pH will vary depending on your protein's pI); desalting will be done at your own risk since it has the potential to crash out the purified protein out of solution]



Constructs will be synthesized within a week of receiving the synthesized DNA template (total time from digital sequence to purified product is ~3-4 weeks).


How to Order

To get started, please e-mail