Go Beyond Screening. Use Cell-Free for Protein Production.

State-of-the-art cell-free reagents and cartridges

cell-free protein expression reagents


We have made the best cell-free system on the market, because we know you deserve it. Juice reagents have been optimized for usability and scale-up and undergo extensive quality testing.

Cell-Free Kits
cell-free cartridge


Our cell-free cartridges are designed for seamless reaction scale up. They enable gas exchange through thin-film reactions, allowing you to make large amounts of proteins in cell-free reactions.

Expression Cartridges
cell-free plasmid


This is an app store for your synthetic biology applications. We have curated and tested a collection of plasmids, and are excited to share them with the synbio community at low cost.

Plasmid Collection

I have used the kit multiple times and have been quite successful

Graduate Student, University of Toronto

It will save us a lot of time

Senior Scientist, Industrial Biotech Company

Cell-free protein expression has surely come a long way!

Professor, York University

Automated Solutions

Automated solutions for high-throughput cell-free production

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